How Parkway Reduced Patient Acquisition Cost by 83% and Set Growth Records​

Are you a clinic owner looking for new ways to reduce patient acquisition costs and grow your practice?

If so, this case study is for you.

Learn how Parkway Physiotherapy & Performance Centre reduced their patient acquisition cost by 83%, doubled their conversion rate, and maximized their return on marketing investment.

In it we’ll look at:

  • Life before PatientPartners
  • The marketing channels we’re working on
  • Hitting new records for new patients and revenue

About Parkway

Parkway is a growing clinic with 3 locations in southern Vancouver Island.

  • Location: Southern Vancouver Island
  • Numbers of Locations: 3
  • Services:
    • Physiotherapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • Kinesiology
    • Massage Therapy
    • Chiropractic Care

Life Before PatientPartners

Like many clinics, Parkway was working with another marketing agency before PatientPartners took over.

However, they were struggling to make their marketing efforts cost-effective.

“Our work with (GoWest) Marketing had been in a decline for about 6-8 months. Our cost per new patient acquisition during some months went over $100 which was a level we could not sustain as a business. We decided to make the jump to PatientPartners where we saw almost immediate improvements.

These improvements were not only fast (we noticed within 2 weeks of the strategies Isaac used in our paid ads), but also sustainable because we began a consistent campaign of SEO work and Google Business Listing engagement.

PatientPartners fills out our marketing scoreboard each month for easy tracking of results. By dialing in our digital ads and website work, we’ve also been able to focus on building out our social media campaigns (also through PatientPartners) and print media campaigns (patient brochures that isaac and his team built for us). Since then we’ve added even more marketing verticals to our efforts and for the first time we really feel like we have a marketing engine in place.

The net result of working with Isaac and his team is that our cost per new patient acquisition has dropped down to about $30! This changes a bit every month but it is huge for us. We also have more new patients than we have ever seen which allowed our business to grow 50% over 2022. We are hitting new milestones every 1-2 months!

In 2021 we had an average of 315 new patients per month (including returning assessments) but in 2022 this number started to slip. In our second month of working with PatientPartners the new assessment number was over 500! It’s hard to state how huge that is in terms of supporting an amazing team of therapists.

I’ll also mention that as we grew and added team mates, Isaac updated our website, social and Google business listings within a few days. This meant that we were always on point, our new team mates felt incredibly supported, and the community was kept abreast of all our clinic changes.

Though it’s maybe not marketing exactly, when I am building new relationships with potential therapists interested in joining our family of clinics, the multiple methods of new patient acquisition and the confidence to market any specific caseload one wishes to pursue has really impressed the therapists we’ve spoken with.

The best part of our partnership with PatientPartners though is probably the weekly check-in with Isaac. These meets give us the confidence that we are always on track, always proactive to whatever the business needs from onboarding a new team mate, promoting a specific discipline, building a campaign and just generally staying on top of our marketing efforts. That one hour per week of meetings has been one of the difference makers for our company”.

Our Parkway team has been together for about 15 years now and we’ve had a few different marketing partnerships over that time. PatientPartners has proven to be an amazing partner for our clinics and we recommend this team without reservation….as long as you’re not from southern Vancouver Island!

We’re Working on 10+ Marketing Channels

One of the biggest keys to our success is a multi-channel approach. For Parkway, this includes 10 different marketing channels.

For most clinics, the challenge of reducing patient acquisition costs while maximizing returns on marketing investment is an ongoing issue.

But Parkway Physiotherapy & Performance Centre found a solution.

By partnering with PatientPartners, they were able to achieve incredible results.

One of the biggest keys to our success is a multi-channel approach. For Parkway, this includes 10+ different marketing channels.

Those channels are:

  1. Website
  2. Local SEO
  3. Google and Bing Ads
  4. Organic Social Media
  5. Paid Social Media
  6. Email
  7. Print
  8. YouTube and Video Ads
  9. Sponsorships
  10. Community Building
  11. Audio ads

By focusing on multiple channels, we’re able to optimize the entire customer journey. The improvements are compounding and the results speak for themselves.

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We are proud that our team was able to create such a successful marketing strategy for Parkway Physiotherapy & Performance Centre.

If you’re looking to reduce patient acquisition costs and maximize your return on marketing investments, reach out to us today! We will help you create a successful marketing strategy tailored to your needs.

Together, we can hit new records for your marketing.

Hitting New Records

The results of our efforts speak for themselves.

With a focus on customer acquisition cost reduction, conversion rate optimization and maximizing return on investment (ROI), Parkway Physiotherapy & Performance Centre was able to hit new records for the number of new patients and revenue.

The success of this project is a testament to the power of working with PatientPartners.

We have experience in creating custom-tailored strategies for healthcare providers that are designed to maximize the return on their marketing investment.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce patient acquisition costs and maximize your return on marketing investments, contact us today!