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Highly Targeted Campaigns

At PatientPartners, we specialize in helping physiotherapy clinics reach new patients and increase their bookings. We create highly targeted campaigns that focus on your geographic region, providing compelling and relevant ads that drive traffic to your website. Our strategies are designed to reach patients as they browse online, making sure that you get the most out of your digital marketing.

High-Converting Pages

We don’t just create ads, we also create high-converting pages that turn the traffic into new bookings. Our pages are optimized for conversions, making sure that each and every visitor to your website is taken through a journey that leads to a booking. We know how to drive new patient acquisition and our strategies will help you reach more patients than ever before.

Proven Strategies

Our team of marketing experts have years of experience in the medical field and are well-versed in the strategies that work. We understand the importance of driving qualified leads and will work with you to create campaigns that are proven to deliver results. Whether it is display ads, social ads or search ads, we have the skills and knowledge to help you reach more patients and increase your bookings.


Why trust us?

Increased Visibility

With our Google Ads program, you’ll start getting noticed by more potential patients online than ever before, increasing the visibility of your practice in your local area.

More Bookings

With increased visibility comes more bookings – our ad campaigns are designed to drive traffic and increase conversions, helping you book more appointments directly from your website or clinic phone.

Get The Most Out Of Your Ad Spend

Our services are cost-efficient – we use advanced targeting techniques to get the most out of your marketing budget while simultaneously improving lead generation efforts and patient acquisition rates over time as well as boosting ROI for your practice

Watch this testimonial from the owner of Parkway Physiotherapy & Performance Centre to hear how we increased their new patient bookings while reducing acquisition costs and making other improvements.

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